Anyone of any age may be baptized at Vine Church.
Our Pastor will baptize anyone, if they have not already been baptized at some point in their life.
Baptism are traditionally done during a Sunday worship service by placing water on the head. If the person wishes to be immersed fully in water, they must arrange to use a baptismal font in another church, a swimming pool, or a pond/lake.
There is no fee to be Baptized at Vine Church, but a donation to the church is encouraged.

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Vine Mission Statement:  Vine Congregational, United Church of Christ, rooted in the soil of Christian belief, is an open and inclusive community of believers that provides care, support, and encouragement to individuals and families as they bear witness to their faith within and beyond the local church.
Our religion is over 2000 years old, but our thinking is not.  Vine is an Open Minded Church with Extravagant Welcome.