Member Care Ministries
Email if you are interested in joining a Ministry Team!
Cradle Roll
Help our DiVine kids grow!
  • Add hearts to the Cradle Roll board in the nursery as new babies are welcomed to Vine.
  • Remove hearts as children “graduate” to Sunday School.
  • Give a rose to each family at the time of baptism along with a booklet called “About Faith and Your Child.”
  • Mail Cards for first through fourth birthdays.
  • Give each Vine Child A “baby Bible” for their first birthday.
  • Present a “children's Bible” to 3-year-olds during worship in the fall. 
Card Ministry
Mail cards for milestone birthdays and anniversaries, ordinations, new babies, get well, sympathy, and others.
Vine Callers
Vine members who are specifically dedicated to visiting church members who are homebound, living in a nursing facility, or who have a special need.
If you would like to be visited by a Vine Caller please email Vine at or
call our office at 402-483-4781.
Funeral Servers
Help prepare and serve food for funeral lunches.
Serving these families is a very meaningful and uplifting experience for helpers, and an invaluable asset for grieving loved ones.

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Vine Mission Statement:  Vine Congregational, United Church of Christ, rooted in the soil of Christian belief, is an open and inclusive community of believers that provides care, support, and encouragement to individuals and families as they bear witness to their faith within and beyond the local church.
Our religion is over 2000 years old, but our thinking is not.  Vine is an Open Minded Church with Extravagant Welcome.