What is a ministry team? A ministry team is a group of people who are interested in a particular task, event, mission, or ministry of the church.
Where is the list of ministry teams? On the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall. 
How do I join a ministry team? Add your name to the team(s) of your choice anytime on the Fellowship Hall bulletin board. 
How do I get off of a ministry team? Put a line through your name on the list on the Fellowship Hall bulletin board. 
Can I start a new ministry team? Yes! When you see a need or have a calling to do an ongoing mission, gather some like-minded people and start a team. Present your ministry team idea to the Church Council for their blessing.
Do the ministry teams have Church Council support?
Yes, there will be a liaison from the Church Council for each ministry team. The liaison will help with budget and space needs. The liaison will not tell the teams what to do, but simply be there for support.
Worship Ministries
Communion Preparation/Clean-up
Communion Servers
Chancel Choir
Bell Choir: Joyful Noise
Special Flowers for Easter and
Christmas Seasons
Pew Ministry
Children's Activity Bags
Member Care Ministries
Cradle Roll
Card Ministry
Vine Callers
Funeral Servers
Mission Ministries
People's City Mission
"Branching" Out
Peace and Justice
Fellowship Ministries
Friendly Fellowship
Fellowship Hour 
Men's Monthly Breakfasts
Women's Evening Discussion Group

Our Ministries!

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Vine Mission Statement:  Vine Congregational, United Church of Christ, rooted in the soil of Christian belief, is an open and inclusive community of believers that provides care, support, and encouragement to individuals and families as they bear witness to their faith within and beyond the local church.
Our religion is over 2000 years old, but our thinking is not.  Vine is an Open Minded Church with Extravagant Welcome.