You are welcome to have your wedding at Vine Church.
We believe in Marriage equality.
You do not need to be a member of Vine Church to be married here.
 Cost for Vine Church members is by request. 
Costs to have your Weddings at Vine:
  • $100 to save the date - paid to Vine Church
  • $250 to use the building - paid to Vine Church
  • $250 for the minister - paid directly to Rev. Dr. Renae Koehler
  • $200 for the wedding coordinator - paid directly to Jacob Buss
Optional Costs:
  • $200 for organist (additional $20 to accompany a soloist)
  • $50 to record your wedding using church cameras
  • $100 to play recorded music over the church sound system
*Reduced Fees* If you are not having a rehearsal the night before the wedding, if you are a Vine Church member, or if you have finanacial need, Pastor may be able to reduce your cost.
Weddings at Vine Church must use our Vine Church Pastor to Officiate.
Musicians such as guitar, violin, etc. may be booked and hired on your own.
Rev. Dr. Renae Koehler also officiates weddings at other locatoins.
      Contact her directly if you are interested.

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Vine Mission Statement:  Vine Congregational, United Church of Christ, rooted in the soil of Christian belief, is an open and inclusive community of believers that provides care, support, and encouragement to individuals and families as they bear witness to their faith within and beyond the local church.
Our religion is over 2000 years old, but our thinking is not.  Vine is an Open Minded Church with Extravagant Welcome.