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Cool Congregation

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Cool Congregation

Certified April 2024

Vine Congregational UCC has been recognized and certified as a Cool Congregation nationally by Interfaith Power and Light.  This certification is for our efforts to reduce our energy consumption by 10%. 


On Sunday, April 14, Vine Congregational UCC was presented with a Cool Congregation certificate.


Vine has long been an advocate for educating and promoting ways to create a sustainable environment.  Sarah Paulos, Program Director for Interfaith Power and Light, stated, “Your congregation's accomplishments prove that it is possible to significantly reduce your energy use through dedicated action to make permanent improvements to your facilities.”  Vine continues to look for ways to increase the percentage of energy savings we can achieve. 


We celebrate this accomplishment and continue to educate, innovate, and promote healthy ways to keep our environment sustainable for future generations. 

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