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Mission Ministries


Branching Out

Branching Out with God’s Love is a monthly mission focusing to support needs in the Lincoln community.  Examples of missions have been:

  • City Mission Help Center

    •  Sock It to Homelessness (sock donation)

    •  One Day Without Shoes (shoe donation)

    •  Donation of bath towels and personal hygiene products

    •  Donation of winter coats

  • Community Easter Egg Hunt

  • Mitten Tree - collecting mittens, hats, gloves, and scarves for a variety of agencies in Lincoln

  • Donating towels, rugs, and blankets to the Pieloch Pet Adoption Center

  • ConnectioN Point (donating non-perishable food items)


Creation Action Network (C.A.N.)

This is a network of people interested in sharing information and concern for our creation and environmental justice throughout our community and the world.  There are no regular meetings. We contact each other through email with events and activities that focus on injustice, legislation, community events, books, webinars, articles to enhance our understanding and promote advocacy about our creation.  If you are interested, contact the church office to be added to the email list for Creation Action Network (C.A.N.).



Being 5 for 5 means that Vine is a leader, providing support to UCC’s Wider Mission and the Special Mission Offerings. These include:

  1. OCWM Basic Support – provides funding for conferences and the national ministries of the UCC.

  2. One Great Hour of Sharing – channels resources for international programs in health, education development, emergency relief, refugee ministries and domestic disaster response.

  3. Strengthen the Church – reimagines and builds the future of the UCC.

  4. Neighbors in Need – supports ministries of justice and compassion throughout the U.S.

  5. The Christmas Fund – helps provide pension and health premium supplementation to low-income retired church workers and emergency assistance to clergy families in need.

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