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Vine Foundation Funds

Vine Foundation has the following funds for you to designate your gifts and/or bequests:


Capital Needs Fund

provides financial support for repairs and expansion of the physical church building and grounds of Vine Congregational UCC.


General Endowment Fund

provides support for Vine Congregational UCC, including mission projects, development of clergy and lay leadership, and other programs.


Margaret Myers Fund

provides annual payment of amounts available from earnings and appreciation directly to the Church Council of Vine Congregational UCC for any use it deems necessary.


Music Fund

provides financial support to the music programs at Vine Congregational UCC.


Rasche Myers Outreach Fund

provides financial support for organizations and/or programs outside Vine Congregational UCC – but within Lincoln/Lancaster County.


Youth Fund

provides financial support for the youth ministry at Vine Congregational UCC and Vine youth participating in wider church events.


Your gift or bequest to the Vine Congregational UCC Foundation will be placed with Union Bank & Trust of Lincoln,Nebraska, under the direction of the Board of Directors. The Union Bank team will provide investment advice and oversight to maintain and grow the assets of the Foundation. The earnings and appreciation derived from your gift and/or bequest will be used to support the ministries of your choice for many years into the future.

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